The following provide links to many that readers might find interesting, useful and informative. Like the rest of the site, this is just in its infancy and will grow with time.

Groups and Organisations
Air Britain, the website of Air-Britain (Historians) Limited
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum.
Bomber Command Museum of Canada
Scramble, the website of The Dutch Aviation Society and its online database

Civil Aviation
G-INFO, the UK Civil Aviation Authority Database.
Canadian Civil Aviation Register , the Canadian Civil Aviation Register at Transport Canada.
AilinerList.com, databases for a variety of current airliners.

Military Aviation
UK Serials Resource Centre, a website covering British Military serials, amongst other useful information.
British Military Aircraft Lists, a free online aircraft location and serial database.
Target Lock lists development, production and service use of a variety of current military aircraft.

Air Forces and their Aircraft
Fleet Air Arm Archive
Australian and New Zealand Military Aircraft Serial Numbers.
Belgian Wings, a Belgian Military Aircraft Database
History of the Brazilian Air Force.
Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers.
History of the Hellenic Air Force, the official website of the Greek Air Force.
Irish Air Corps - Register , from the Aviation Society of Ireland
Military Aviation in Sweden
US Military Serials, Joe Baughers site covering serials of the USAF and its predecessors.

AirNet, the ultimate aviation web links site.
Secret Projects Forum - a great forum for discussion and disclosure of many little known projects. 


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