Version History

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Version 1.3.0 5-Feb-17  
  Added 'Early Aviators - The First 500'
Added more biographies.
Added applicable Operational Requirement (OR) and/or Specification numbers to Auster, Avro, Beagle.
Revised Airspeed Ambassador Produced Variant list and corrected production details.
Added further C/N details for Armstrong Whitworth Whitley, A.W.52 and A.W.55 Apollo.
Added to Astley personal details.
Avro Avian completely updated and rewritten
Avro Anson completely updated and rewritten
Corrections to Avro Lancaster
Corrections to Avro York
Avro Lancastrian completely updated and rewritten
Corrections to Avro Lincoln
Corrections to Avro 748 production details.
Added to Baynes Company details.
Version 1.2.0 19-Nov-14  
  Added details from Baddesley to Brennan
Added "British Aviation - A Timeline" section
Added more biographies.
Improved/expanded Auster information.
Corrected Avro Lancaster Armstrong Whitworth production details.
Corrected Avro Tudor production details.
Improvements to HTML code and table graphics.
Version 1.1.0 25-Dec-12  
  Added 'basic' pages for all companies with links.
Added Biography section
Added details for 'Aero and Engineering Services', 'Airglow' and 'Arundel'
Improved company data for Aero-8, Aeronca, Airco and ANEC
Airspeed Envoy: added impressment details for G-ADBA, deleted duplicate entry for
Airspeed Horsa: corrections to contract details, added note 3.
Added index link to Aladdin Industries.
Correct Auster TJ707 from MkV to Mk.VI; Auster MkV & Mk.VI delivery dates added.
Corrected variant description of Avro Lincoln B.II; B.4 now indicated as projected variant rather than a conversion; Australian production completely revised.
Version 1.0.1 23-Jun-12  
  Fixed compatibilty issues with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
Version 1.0.0 14-Jun-12  
  Initial release, letter A only.

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