The Aero-8 Flying Club


The Aero-8 Flying Club, of Canute Air Park, Ashingdon, Essex, was formed in October 1935 by Mervyn G. Chadwick and Raymond Gordon as both a flying club and an organisation to construct the Mignet Pou-du-Ciel (Flying Flea). They produced a heavily modified version of the Flying Flea, featuring a streamlined fuselage designed by Sydney Charles George Buszard (b. 24 May 1912, Hampstead, London - d. May 1998, Hillingdon, Middlesex), which first flew in May, 1936. An attempt to fly the channel in it was aborted and interest in the machine waned.

Lacking success with the Flea, Chadwick and Gordon formed a new company, Premier Aircraft Constructions Ltd to develop the Gordon Dove, also designed by Buszard.
The club ceased operation in late 1936.

Company References
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Project Data top

Project No
Type No
Alternative Name(s)
Spec (Requirement)
     Flying Flea    1936    Proto  1  1S, 1E microlight  1

Project References
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Production Data

One aircraft only : G-AEFW, c/n A8 CB.1

   Total Aero-8 Production     1   

Production References
  1. Air Britain Archive 1998/3 (Air-Britain Publications)

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