Avro 706 Ashton

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Produced Variants

Type 706 Ashton Mk.1
High altitude research aircraft based on the Tudor 2 airframe with reduced fuselage length. Four 5000 lb.st. Rolls-Royce Nene 5 & 6 powerplants.
Type 706 Ashton Mk.2 As Mk.1 specially fitted for high altitude powerplant research.
Type 706 Ashton Mk.3 As Mk.1 but featuring a shorter internal pressurised section of fuselage.Two featured wing mounted bomb nacelles.
Type 706 Ashton Mk.4 As Mk.3 but featuring a pressurised ventral pannier for a bomb aimer.

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Serial Range
Batch Qty
 6 aircraft ordered from A.V. Roe & Co. Ltd., Chadderton, to contract 6/Acft/3118. First flew September 1950.
 WB490  Mk.1  1      Based on Tudor 2 airframe G-AJJV.
 WB491  Mk.2  1      Based on Tudor 2 airframe G-AJJW.
 WB492, WB493, WE670  Mk.3  3      Based on Tudor 2 airframes G-AJJX, 'JJY & 'JKA.
 WB494  Mk.4  1      Based on Tudor 2 airframe G-AJJZ.
Total Production

Production Summary

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All Aircraft By Mark
Type Built New Conv. Canc'd Total
 Ashton Mk.1 1     1
 Ashton Mk.2 1     1
 Ashton Mk.3 3     3
 Ashton Mk.4 1     1
  6 0 0  

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